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Connections is now offering FREE online courses. Currently, we are running online classes in QuickBooks Online and Container Gardening. Don’t worry if you have missed the start of these courses, just give us a call or an email to register, as they will be available on an ongoing basis. Contact details at the bottom of this blog or on our Contact Us page.

We are working on three other programs that should come online, one at a time, starting in late June. We are already taking advance registrations, through both of our sites, for Digital Scrapbooking, Excel Basics and Improving your Reading While Studying for the G1 Licence Test. See the details of these programs further below.

What makes our online training options worthwhile, other than the fact they are free, is our friendly, knowledgeable instructors, who are always willing to help. They can be available to assist you by phone, email or online written, audio or video chat. These meetings and chats may be carried out individually and/or with a class group. Your successful completion of your learning is very important to all of us.


Digital ScrapbookingDon’t lose all the special moments into the digital neverland! Take pictures, search your photo archives, pick themes and enhance and display your photos. Try new ideas and techniques with images, elements, borders, backgrounds and text. Use the highly acclaimed and powerful photo editing software, Affinity Photo, (Windows, Mac or iPad downloadable). With its 90 free trial, it will cost you nothing and if ou love it, the one time purchase feel is ver reasonable.

Excel Basics – In this FREE online program, you will learn how to create spreadsheets to sort, display and organize your information, including: understanding cell basics, simple formulas, formatting, creating charts from data, using tables in spreadsheets, working with multiple worksheets, printing, sharing and securing your information.

Studying for the G1 Licence TestTake the 1st step! Prepare for your G1 test. Learn how to:

  • Find information in The Driver’s Handbook
  • Remember important details
  • Understand & answer multiple-choice question
  • Take practice tests

Our office is currently closed but we are available for your learning or referral needs by phone, text, email, mail or virtual meetings. We are currently providing registration and assessment services via video chat or phone. You can reach our

Sharbot Lake site at 613-279-2499 and, or our Northbrook site at 613-336-0691 and