Need to improve your skills for work?

Whether you are already working, looking for work or want to move on with a trade, we can help. Our training is based on your job goal, using tasks and activities related to the workplace.

Connections Adult Learning offers:

  • Individualized plans that are developed to suit the your schedule, learning style and goals.
  • Learning materials and activities that are goal-based and workforce-related.
  • Assessments to identify your current skills and what is needed to reach your goals.

Essential Skills Training

Essential Skills are the skills that people need for work, learning and life. Connections Adult Learning provides free training to help you develop the Essential Skills needed for work.

Occupation Based Learning

We have a wide range of career specific courses to teach the Essential Skills. These were developed, with the help of employers, and are based on the Essential Skills Profiles. Here are some examples of our job-specific courses.

  • Call centre worker                                                               •  Healthcare
  • Hospitality (Chambermaid/Housekeeper)                      •  Retail worker/cashier
  • Food counter attendant/kitchen helper                           •  Skilled trades labourer
  • Landscaping & grounds maintenance labourer             •  Truck driver

We also have courses to prepare you for entry into an accredited College program, such as:

  • Apprentice
  • Personal Support Worker Program Preparation (Health Care Studies)
  • Daycare Worker Curriculum

Job Search Skills

If you want to look for employment while strengthening your skills, we offer training in job search activities. Topics include:

  • Identifying your strengths, interests and opportunities
  • Researching occupations
  • Choosing an occupation
  • Searching for jobs
  • Writing resumes and cover letters
  • Taking part in interviews
  • Keeping a job


We can help you get on with your trade through:

  • Information about requirements, subsidies, schooling and tests
  • Communication, math, computer and other Essential Skills development
  • Work-related learning materials designed for adults preparing for a career in the skilled trades
  • Knowledge of workplace expectations
  • Job readiness/employment skills training
  • An individualized learning plan leading to the trade of your choice